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Master of Computer Application MCA in Dubai - Admission and Coaching Classes

The Master of Computer Application (MCA) is a 3 year Professional Master’s Degree in Computer Science. This is a postgraduate course that students can take after receiving their Bachelor’s Degree. The MCA degree course offers specialization in Computer Science with methodological, professional and communication skills. Times Education offers training for students and make them professionals ready for the corporate world.

We know the growing needs and demands of today’s IT sector and hence we nurture the candidates to suit their ever-growing demands. We always aim to provide industry-oriented learning in the field of Computer Application. This is a 3 year course with 6 semesters.

Subjects Covered:

In the first semester of MCA degree, some of the subjects you will have are: Financial Accounting, Mathematics, Data Structures, etc. Few subjects in the second semester are: Discrete Mathematics, DBMS, Computer Organization and Architecture, etc. In the third semester you have: Data Communication, Advanced operating system, UNIX and Shell Programming, etc. In the fourth semester you have: Advanced Software Engineering, Advanced Java Programming, Analysis and Design of Algorithm, etc.

Coming to the fifth semester, some of the subjects are: Advanced Computer Network and Security, Advanced Computer Graphics, Data Warehousing and Data Mining, etc. In the last, i.e. sixth semester the subjects covered are Advanced MIS and E-commerce, electives and projects. There are elective subjects that you have the option to choose in place of other subjects. Each subject has certain credits which are required to get for the student without which one cannot move from one semester to another semester.

Scale of MCA in the Market:

We know the broad scope of MCA in the current market, especially in the Information Technology industries. Many experts as well as fresher's are required for industry to fill the diverse job roles. Because MCA is a technical degree, employers anticipate technical skills in any job aspirant. So, it is necessary to focus on your technical as well as theoretical concepts uniformly during your MCA coaching. Doing this will help oneself prepare as per the contemporary market needs and what your employers are searching for in the candidates. Times Education is exactly giving the same kind of professional coaching in their institute here in Dubai. So, get along with us and make your career fruitful.


Students who are applying for the MCA Program should have degree in any field from a recognized university of any country.


3 year course

2 semesters per year

6 subjects per semester

Exams are held in June and December

Flexible classes including weekends

Flexible payment options

Certificate approved by Ministry of Education, UAE

Course Duration:

The course duration is 3 years and the student will be provided with a certificate of course completion at the end of the course.

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